“By taking the TWIT you will be helping yourself and in-turn, helping others”

When was the last time you put yourself first?

When was the last time you invested in yourself?
Do you make self sacrifices for the sake of others?
Do you put others first all the time? Your husband, your kids?
I am going to give you permission to do something for YOU.
Take the TWIT.
YOU deserve it.
YOU need it.

Spoil your way to success

Spoil yourself- starting today
Physical commitment 220% – food bible and training regime
Open – your sexuality
Inner child – rediscover and release
Love yourself – daily
Tough Transformations – change is hard but you can do it


We were all children once…

We tend to forget that we were all children once. In the TWIT, you will dive deep into your past and unleash your inner child. We are going to nurture this part of you. This may be the psychological key to unlocking memories and unblocking your transformation.


Are you ready to open up?

In the TWIT you will be working on the outer AND the inner. I give all the ladies on my course permission to open up their sexuality.
On the TWIT you will get to explore your deepest darkest desires… doesn’t matter how dirty they are. I will provide you with the opportunity to open yourself up to possibilities that you may have never considered. Nervous? That’s good. Remember you are not alone. Come with me…. and my TWIT team!

Peta Swift is a comic character created and played by Liz Skitch