“These web diaries are honest, raw and revealing… they are not promo clips”

I’m not gonna lie to you, change is hard and the following web diaries will reveal that the 12 Week Intensive Transformation is not for everyone.  The TWIT is tough, it is rough, it is raw, it is real, it is revealing, it is awakening… But what you put into it is what you get out of it.

“What you put into it is what you get out of it”

The following web diaries follow Jacqui, Sue, Larissa and Sonja on their journey though the TWIT. In some, you will witness powerful emotional and physical transformations, in others you won’t.

“Am I about to short-change myself?”

I want you to learn from these diaries.  Which of the ladies do you identify with?  And before you sign up, ask yourself, am I here because I want to be?  Or because someone else made me?  Do I want to really intend to commit to transformation 220% or am I about to short change myself?

“The only one stopping you from powerful transformations… is yourself”

I am going to give you some free advice.  You deserve to be the best you can be.  And the only one stopping you from powerful transformations… is yourself.

1. Taking the TWIT

In our first web diary, you get to meet Jacqui, Sue, Larissa and Sonja and find out why each of them decided to take the 12 Week Intensive Transformation. For some of them, it was an easy decision, for others it was tough. For Sue… she doesn’t even want to do it…but she is.

2. Training

In this week’s web diary, we get to an insight into the variety of physical training regimes on offer in the TWIT.  Jacqui opts for the movement course and is learning how to hula hoop and Sonja takes up pole dancing.  Meanwhile, Sue and Larissa are not making progress.

3. Nutrition

This is one of my favourite components of the course- the food bible, containing 1000s of delicious and nutritious recipes. But you have got to want to eat healthy food and you have got to make the time to prepare and cook at home. If you have a busy lifestyle like Sue and always eat in restaurants… chances are you’ll find this a challenge. Meanwhile, there is a powerful lesson to be learned from Jacqui, who demonstrates a lack of will power.

4. Sexuality

One of the things I LOVE about the TWIT are the surprises. Turns out that some of my ladies are late bloomers.  I am proud of Sonja she is committing 220% to the pole, Larissa reveals a secret and Sue “goes there”… and finally takes her first step towards transformation.

5. Inner Child

In this very personal web diary, you will see Larissa go on a journey to a dark place- she gets raw and real and I LOVE this.

6. Self Love

We are almost at the end of the course and this week each of the ladies are forced to look deep within themselves.  For some, this is easier than others.

7. Transformations

The end of the course is always an exciting time for my TWIT TEAM.  But as you watch this final web diary, I want you to reflect on who committed to the TWIT 220%? Who transformed? Did anyone short- change themself? And who is on the most powerful journey of all?  A journey that is only just beginning…

Peta Swift is a comic character created and played by Liz Skitch